I pray that God bless every church in the world amen.



Please God, bless the Jews.



I wish to say thank You to The Lord because He never forget me.


Can you please pray for me Im going threw hardships in my life right now. And Im looking for that guidance and wisdom. I need help spirtually and mentally. I would love to be more involved in GOD's life so he can guide me to a better me.


Please Pray for my 8 month old nephew Eli. he has been in the hospital for 3 days now, they finally diagnosed him with asthma  He seems to do good thru the day. but his oxygen level drops dramatically when he sleeps. normal oxygen level is 100% he gets down to 87% when he is asleep because his lungs and bronchial tubes are full of fluid and his system works overload to try and breath while hes asleep so sometimes he dont, which causes his oxygen level to drop so low. he also has a  mild case of bronchitis please pray for a speedy recovery and that he can get back to normal. thank you so much.




I'm in need of prayer for my sisters. They have so much rage built up inside them towards one another that they dont even speak anymore. Two sisters who use to be very close now hardly say two words to one another. I wish they would come together again ? also please pray over my nephews as they are sick again as well as my husband. All three have very bad colds. ? please pray for my aunts brother in law who starts his chemo therapy this week for stage 4 lung cancer ? he was given less than a year to live.


i have a few things i would like prayer for. First and foremost my nephew Eli. he was admitted into the hospital yesterday due to lack of oxygen in his lungs. he is 7 months old. I am worried that right now he is at 100% but if he gets released he may downslide. please pray for him. My nephew Kalel he is 3. he has been experiencing flu like symptons sincelast thursday. Running fevers and a really bad cough. I pray the lord Heal them both of these nasty illnesses they are to young to be this sick. I also have a prayer request for my aunts brother in law. he went to the doctor after a fainting spell and found out he had a tumor the size of a lemon on his brain, it was removed however he also found out he has stage 4B lung cancer. so i would like prayer for Bud and Ruby stewart and family to get them thru this easily there is no recovering from this but i would like prayer for Bud to not have to suffer.

stephanie s.
Hi! Please pray for a friend of mine by the name of Jessie. She has found out that she has cancer of the blood. She may not be able to get a transplant or transfusion due to finding out too late. Please keep her in your prayers. Please pray that she will have strength to get through the days ahead. Thanks, Stephanie
sarah f.
Father as I lead worship on Sunday, open up eyes, ears, hearts and minds of your people to receive You. Give me clarity of voice, sincerity in prayer and boldness in preaching.
laura r.
Please pray for my sister Vanessa Rivera she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is scheduled to have surgery in 2 weeks. She visited this church numerous times while she lived here, shes in NY now. She is 30 yrs old and have a 4 mo old baby boy and a 9 yr old girl. Please pray that all comes out well and that she is healed in Jesus Name!
Prayer for Ramona Brandes for Wisdom ,strength , peace, understanding ,and the favor of God, in everything she does, to be filled with the love of God , Faith, & the Holy Spirit. Please pray for Robert Cox , and his wife & kids. He needs the favor and blessings of God. He goes to court soon, wisdom & favor for the attorneys, & God to deliver, and return to full employment, and church. For ECC & their building situation & struggles, pray for a hedge of protection and favor.
Please pray for all the ministries located in Tampa that focus on fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:18-20. Many billions of souls overseas have not yet been reached with the Good News and need to hear before He returns to Earth in power and glory.
M. Gail W.
father your daughter is new in your kingdom and satan is trying to put things in her life to take her away from you. please send an angle to watch over and Guide her. give her an adult friend to talk to that is rooted and grounded in you and in your kingdom. father please hold onto her tightly and help her to become a part of a church that will house the people that she needs in her life. and make sure that she stays strong for your service. she is new to Tampa Florida and us alone with her child and she has almost nothing. please help her. This and all things I ask in the precious name of your son Jesus Christ. AMEN!!!
Richie L.
Please pray for a quick recovery of my surgery from cancer. I am having problems holding my bladder control and other problems in the area where the cancer was. Also please pray for a financial Miracle as the hospital bills have robbed us of every penny we had just to get into the hospital.
Amber E.
Please pray for me and Ryan. We are close to losing our apartment and having nowhere to go with our two dogs. We have so little food, and no gas in the car. Ryan has had trouble finding a job and my recent surgery caused us to fall so far behind. We are looking for a good church to call home and a future with some happiness in it. We also want to give back to people who have less, as soon as we have something to give.
Hello Pastor/Bishop & Congregation
Can you please have your congregation and yourself pray for me. I'm in a fight for my life, it is a horrific spiritual battle. This is a humble request for your prayers. Can you consider that my plight which is long term. Therefore can you keep in prayer add me to your prayer list, for the next year please. I know this is asking a lot. But I don't know what else to do but to seek out the prayers of other Saints. Pray that any demonic spirits, or curses that are trying to control my destiny would be cast back into the pit of hell. Pray for; the Anointing of God, Deliverance, More Hope, Grace, A Miracle, Discernment, Mercy, Favor, Restoration, and financial support during this spiritual storm on my life! Pray that I have more faith in the power of God, and that God would stay the hand of the enemy, and get the glory. I want to say thank you for being "salt & light"!
Brother R
Carlos V.
Please I need prayer for my family.My wife and I have been struggling throughout our relationship and its finally at the point where she want a divorce.I'm fighting with all my might to find a second job or a better job, but I'm having no luck and she is losing faith in me or already has. I prayed and prayed and put it in his hands and I know he has a plan for me but I don't want to lose my wife.She means the world to me and I'm trying but I don't want to lose her in the process.Ive had set backs in my life but I fought hard to overcome them it just seem like everything I do just makes things worse and I'm at the end of my rope and don't no what to do. Please pray for me and my family and that thing will work out for the better. Even if its time to move on but like I said I don't want that.Just let his will be done in my life that we can have peace and maybe work this out. please and thank you.God bless.
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