Faith Outreach Retreat Center - 16720 Racetrack Rd. Odessa, FL 33556

UPDATE 10 - 2017

With the screened patio and kitchen completed we have had several functions at the retreat center including the 1st night of the 2017 Women's Conference, boys youth night & work party and Man II Man. 






UPDATE - 8-2017

Amazing things are happening at the retreat center but the best is yet to come!  We have put new roofs on both buildings, painted, tiled and put new AC units in all of the rooms. The suite and 2 other rooms are completed and the work is progressing on the others. We have removed the trees on the lake and put in a floating dock for fishing and boating. Work was completed on the 14' X 70' screened patio yesterday! We are looking forward to using it soon for gatherings.

JUNE 2012

Sister Mickey and I would like to share an exciting miracle that took place recently and show how God can turn those things we think are impossible into possibilities!
About 20 years ago we saw a beautiful, vacant property not too far from the church, which we had a vision for using as a retreat center, but it was not for sale at the time. Over the last 20 years, we prayed over that land and the property went up for auction last week! However, a multitude of other people were interested in the land and we had already determined in our heart that we would not exceed the budget we set for ourselves. The end result of the auction was that we were the 3rd highest bidders.

Here is where the miracle begins and where God truly showed His faithfulness! The highest bidders changed their mind on the property only 2 days after the auction, so that left the property to the second-highest bidder. However, the second-highest bidder was nowhere to be found! With both of those bidders out of the picture, we were automatically moved to the top of list. We were able to sign the contract and did not have to exceed our budget! Now our dreams can finally become reality and the FOC Retreat Center will begin to come to fruition.

This property still has a lot of work that needs to be done and it is an excellent opportunity for us to join together in unity and bring the FOC Retreat Center to life!

UPDATE 6/1/12

As of today the property is officially ours!!! Praise God the closing went smoothly and we took ownership of the property. So now the work begins! We will be assembling teams to clear the property, so if you are interested in helping out please call the church office for more information. The transformation into a retreat center will be expensive and we will be accepting donations to help complete this project. Our current needs are: cash donations, front end loader, bush hog, chain saws, shovels, rakes, wheel barrows. Please consider donating to this cause.

7-9-12 We have water!

We have been very busy the last month clearing the property. We have a dedicated group of volunteers daily clearing brush and removing trees and looking for the water well. After professionals told us finding the old well "would be like finding a needle in a haystack� we found it! And with the help of Keenan, Pastor George installed a new pump and we have water. Soon after Pete Vacchio started pressure washing the buildings and sidewalks.

7-12-12 Let there be light!

Teco came out and hooked up our power today!

7-13-12 Thanks Beverly and Bob Whaley!

Today was spent digging ditches and running power and water lines.

On August 26, 2012 the "Mighty Men" of FOC moved a shed that was donated to the Retreat Center.  Thank you Gary & Maggie Torrisi for the much need storage space.

October 2012 - Pastor George met with engineers, an architect and contractor on the property.  They walked the property together and discussed the next steps in developing the retreat center.

Memorial Day 2013

FOC held our 1st event on the property on Monday, May 27th.  Great food, fun and fellowship!

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